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Julio Marchamalo

by Julio Marchamalo
Photo-Julio Marchamalo

Julio Marchamalo

A Spanish photographer born on the Book Day in Madrid in 1994.

Street photography is a fascinating art form that captures the essence of urban life. In this series of interviews, we’ll be talking to some of the world’s most talented street photographers, who will share their insights, techniques, and experiences in capturing the beauty and complexity of the streets.

In our 6th installment of this interview series, Julio Marchamalo meets us as the one from the newer generation. More contemporary than every one who had been featured with us yet. He indulges himself in Physics, Sculpting and yes – Street Photography.

Why and when did street photography become your THE thing? What exactly inspired you?

Julio Marchamalo: Although I have been been taking street photography seriously for over a year, I must say I have been doing it for a while now (since I got my first reflex camera 6 years ago). For me, what is really inspiring is to just know that beauty might be just around the corner of your home. That inspired me to try finding real beauty on a daily basis and scenarios, just taking photographs around my hometown and some sporadic work and holiday trips (not so far from my home for now).

How would you define your style of street photography?

Julio Marchamalo: I would define my work style as highlight contrasted street photography, which also relies on color language. Light, shadows and color are three pillars of my photographic style.

Image © Julio Marchamalo
Image © Julio Marchamalo

What is more important to you, the people or the surroundings?

Julio Marchamalo: I would say both. as my photos would usually have people in the frame. However, if I had to pick one I would probably say the surroundings, as when you see many of my photos are based on silhouettes, emerging and/or light-cropped bodies or portraits that would look mysterious, in which people tend not be so recognizable.

Julio, what would be your top list of tricks to succeed as a street photographer? Share some tips for people who are starting out on street photography..

Julio Marchamalo: The 3 Gs: Go out and shoot, Go out and sh0ot, Go out and shoot. Of course you need to revise the classics on street photography and have some notions about how photography works, but as practice makes us perfect, you need to go out to succeed. Experiment, fail, try to be different (or not) and mainly, be yourself and shoot at what is interesting for you. You will find your style and get better, although we will keep learning until our final breath.

Image © Julio Marchamalo
Image © Julio Marchamalo

Image © Julio Marchamalo
Image © Julio Marchamalo

Julio, when you look deep within, did street photography change you?

Julio Marchamalo: Yes, of course! I see the world differently now and also myself. Not only from what I have learned from my process, but also from what I am learning from my colleague street photographers.

Julio, what do you think, for a street photographer, what is beyond that camera?

Julio Marchamalo: I would say different minds and visions but same hearts, as we are all devoted to see the world with different eyes. And that is a privilege!

Is street photography your primary source of bread & butter?

Julio Marchamalo: No, although I would like it that way. However, I constantly think about it and come with the question, would I be as free as street photo would be my way of life? — doesn’t read right IDK (for now) and I would love to try and answer that question soon, but I got to say that if the answer is a NO, I would sacrifice my passion of work just to be free with my art.

Image © Julio Marchamalo
Image © Julio Marchamalo

Out of your own work, pick the top three. Tell us the story behind those shots.

Julio Marchamalo – First one is “Old that matters”, a picture I took in June 2023 in Seville, Spain. I am so proud of that photo, not only for its astonishing colors and composition, but also because it may be the less obvious photograph of Seville, and I love that.

Image © Julio Marchamalo
Image © Julio Marchamalo

Julio Marchamalo -Another would be the “Doppelgänger”, shot in March 2023 on a trip with my brother to Barcelona.

Image © Julio Marchamalo
Image © Julio Marchamalo

Julio Marchamalo : “Fedora” is a really good stolen street portrait at a numismatics & coins market in my hometown (Madrid) to which I usually went as a child.

Which camera(s) do you use? And what about your lenses and other accessories?

Julio Marchamalo: Canon EOS 200d with a 50mm lens and now also a Ricoh GRiiix with an equivalent of a 40 mm lens

Which other street photographers’ work inspires you the most?

Julio Marchamalo: Saul Leiter, Fred Herzog, Robert Frank and from my collective, Bego Amaré (among, of course, many others)

Image © Julio Marchamalo
Image © Julio Marchamalo

Image © Julio Marchamalo
Image © Julio Marchamalo

Well, Julio, what is your word of caution to amateur street photographers?

Julio Marchamalo: Let your images settle down for a while and don’t be in a rush to publish soon after a project. Take time but do not miss to recognize a good shot!

Do you believe that street photographers are travel photographers too?

Julio Marchamalo: Yes, of course. Although I do like the idea of documenting more, and to find astonishing shots around my own home, a good travel is essential to not loose your inspiration and creativity.

Image © Julio Marchamalo
Image © Julio Marchamalo

What is your perspective on the relationship between Street Photography and Street documentary?

Julio Marchamalo: I do love both and I think both are just but sides of the same coin.

Do you follow any composition techniques by the books?

Julio Marchamalo: No, not really.

Any location that you dream to cover next? Or any place that you would want to revisit?

Julio Marchamalo: Japan and Cuba, but I consider it as a huge privilege for street photographers that every place is interesting.

What makes you say “Wow!” when you see some other street photographers’ work?

Julio Marchamalo: The color language!

That is Julian Marchamalo for you guys, candid and refreshing.

You can connect with Julio Marchamalo on Instagram

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