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About Street Photography Gallery

SPG (Street Photography Gallery) a major international award gallery was established in 2023 as the top curators of several exclusive and private photography communities on the social web felt the need to extend the movement to the open web. SPG’s current set of team comes from a span of 4 countries and the contests on SPG are open to everyone without the hassle of a login window.

Abhishek Deb(India), the news-media entrepreneur and a defence veteran from India, brought together a strong global panel of astounding Street Photographers in Victor Shohet(United Kingdoms), Kevin Unger(Israel), Goutam Maiti(India), Puspita Chowdhury(India) and Lil Steinberg(Belgium) to be the core set of Juries & Ambassadors for the Street Photography Gallery. All of them are loved and popular not only for their body of street work but also for their invaluable years of experience in street photography curation and finding gems out of nowhere!

SPG puts fair importance in the voting system across 2 stages, thanks to which we are able to process a huge number of uploads. At each stage, hardening the selection criteria. We are constantly improving to make voting more objective as well as neutral.

SPG is in pursuit of finding the best photographs every calendar year across different subsets of street photography.

SPG also has a strong set of extremely talented volunteers who keep the community growing and balanced between quality and quantity. Each of these volunteers was handpicked based on their perspectives on street photography and their never-ending passion towards photography and contributing towards the global community of street photographers.

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